Carol Cooper, bio pic

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper is an award-winning leader specialising in equitable leadership and racial trauma. She began a career in nursing over 30 years ago but her origins as a Jamaican woman born in the UK meant that she continued to observe and experience a systemic exclusion which threatened to limit, erase and silence people who looked like her. Curiosity, love and a refusal to accept inequality as standard, gave her the courage, which would carve out the insight she now uses to advise leaders across the globe about matters pertaining to racial equity.

Entering public leadership and understanding in more detail the science behind the systemic nature of discrimination fuelled her participant observer perspective and approach to attempting to curate the end of institutional racism. Working across the public and private sector, Carol creates opportunities to disrupt, reimagine, redefine and construct an equitable ecosystem, where all races are equally valued.


Are We Really in this Together? Tackling Inequalities in Health and Social Care