Dr Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University, Teachers College and is founder of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute – the first Ivy League graduate program in spirituality and psychology.

Dr. Miller is a foremost scientist on spirituality across the lifespan, with her work published in top research journals including JAMA-Psychiatry, American Journal of Psychiatry, and the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Her innovative research has focused on quantifiable effects of spirituality in health, resilience and thriving. Her clinical and consultation work focuses on spiritual awareness and spiritual growth, for individuals, families, groups and organisations.

In her new book, The Awakened Brain, this pioneering researcher and clinical psychologist shows the link between spirituality and resilience, measuring its effects on everything from depression and anxiety to substance abuse.

Woven throughout is Dr. Miller’s personal story of how, while confronting her own challenges, her professional pragmatism gave way to a greater appreciation of insights that are important to so many people yet are so often dismissed as unscientific.

Brimming with inspiration and compassion, hers is a landmark book that will revolutionise your understanding of spirituality, mental health and how we find meaning and purpose in life.


The Comfort of the Big Beyond: Grief + Spirituality