Sophie Sabbage, Good Grief Speaker portrait

Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage is author of three life-transforming books, including Sunday Times bestseller The Cancer Whisperer and her new audiobook, Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus.

Sophie is a psychological/spiritual teacher who has equipped thousands of people to find grace in the grit of life and to be awakened by their unexpected, painful and traumatic moments. Sophie is an assured public speaker with a global audience. In her powerful TEDx talk, How grief can help us win when we lose, she explains why the famous ‘Grief Cycle’ does not represent grief accurately. Sophie has written about grief in all her books.

Sophie is a stage-four cancer thriver, who knows how to be creative in a crisis and how to find emotional freedom in the midst of the most constraining circumstances.


The Grief Gift – Finding Meaning After Loss