Am I Grieving Right?

There is no one correct way to grieve, with as many ways to express grief as there are bereaved people. During this event, a panel of grief experts comes together to bust some classic myths surrounding grief, seeking to enlighten us in the process.

One misconception is that there are defined ‘stages’ of grief that everyone goes through – and goes through in the same order. We look at ways in which people express their feelings following a loss, at the lasting impact that grief can have, and at how we can grieve ‘well’.

We welcome Julia Samuel MBE to this event, alongside Andy Langford, Chief Operating Officer of Cruse Bereavement Care, one of the festival’s charity partners. Shelby Forsythia also joins the conversation, which is facilitated by Dr Lesel Dawson, of the University of Bristol.


Julia Samuel MBE

Andy Langford, Good Grief Facilitator

Andy Langford

Shelby Forsythia, Good Grief speaker

Shelby Forsythia

Dr Lesel Dawson