Creating Meaningful Funerals + Memorial Ceremonies

In this webinar, celebrant Rosalie Kuyvenhoven presents some funeral and memorial ceremonies where people have found creative and relevant ways to say their farewells and to celebrate a life, with examples from before and since the pandemic.

There’s a memorial ritual featuring handmade quilts, a performance ritual at the funeral of an artist, a baby’s funeral in the woods, a ceremony at a modern long barrow, and a Covid-19 proof memorial service in a private garden.

There are many ways to make a funeral or memorial your own: location, music, readings, rituals, objects and special touches can all help create a sense of connection and meaning. Such as the backstage pass that people received at the start of the funeral for a musician, or the order of service sprayed in the person’s favourite perfume.

Rosalie discusses how she co-creates meaning with the people involved when planning and designing a ceremony, and provides good practice advice on how to plan a funeral or memorial ceremony in times of Covid-19 and beyond.

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Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Good Grief Speaker

Rosalie Kuyvenhoven