Doodles+Chat with Gary Andrews: Memory in Grief

Join Gary Andrews to explore for yourself how drawing can help work through the pain of grief. Each Doodles + Chat webinar is a little lesson in self-counselling through art. This session’s theme is Memory in Grief: Acknowledging the Person who has Died. 

Gary Andrews is a former Disney animator who lost his wife very suddenly to sepsis in 2017. His series of Doodle-a-Day drawings captured the depths of his grief, and the realities of his ongoing day-to-day life with his children as the family moved through their grief.

All ages and all levels of drawing ability are welcome as you seek to find expression, beauty and humour through creating cartoons or a visual diary. You’ll need pens or pencils and paper at the ready.


Facilitator Gary Andrews (c) Noelle Vaughn Photography

Gary Andrews