Grief Chats: Podcasts – Talking About Grief

In this informal Grief Chat, we bring together two people who create podcasts about grief, Amber Jeffrey and Kathryn Hooker.

Kathryn is behind the DPC Podcast: The Dead Parent Club. It’s designed to be the accessible friend for young people who have lost a parent prematurely. Up to 7% of children in the UK children will lose a parent before age 16, yet reliable support and resources can be limited and hard to find. Since losing her mum to cancer in 2015, Kathryn dedicates her time to supporting young adults struggling with their grief.

Amber is a podcaster and co-founder of The Grief Safe Space. Amber’s mum died of a heart attack when she was 19-years-old, and Amber went on to create The Grief Gang, a podcast whose strapline is, ‘Welcome to the gang…the one you never asked to be a part of.’

Your host is Mark Lemon, the writer and podcaster behind the five-star rated podcast series, Grief is my Superpower.


Facilitator bio Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon