The Grief School

The doors of our Grief School are open throughout the festival, with a diverse range of talks, workshops and interviews to tune into online. We’ve teamed up with Cruse Bereavement Care to offer over 40 hours of on-demand content tailored to different types of bereavement.

Grief School sessions are categorised according to topic. Themes include dealing with childhood bereavement, the death of a child, sudden death, the loss of a life partner, and pregnancy and baby loss. There are also conversations around hidden and very specific types of grief, such as the grief of infertility, the grief of losing someone to dementia, and dealing with the feelings that come from losing someone to suicide or to substance misuse.

You’ll also find focused and podcast-styled Grief Chats, with two people coming together to discuss how a particular type of grief has affected them. Themes include losing someone to a traumatic event or to a specific condition like sepsis or cancer.

All Grief School events will be available to watch on-demand from 09:00 on Saturday, March 27th to 20:00 on Sunday, March 28th.