Grieving During Covid-19

In this Grief School panel discussion, we talk to experts about grief and bereavement during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ll discuss the nature of this unique context and how Lockdown and other restrictions have impacted our ability to grieve.

The discussion is led by Dr Lucy Selman, founder of the Good Grief Festival and co-lead of the University of Bristol’s Palliative and End of Life Care Research Group. Dr Selman will be joined by Andy Langford, Chief Operating Officer of Cruse Bereavement Care.

Panellist Paul Kefford is a life-centred Funeral Celebrant and end-of-life doula who has facilitated Death Cafés. Following his diagnosis of a manageable life-limiting illness, Paul became a celebrant and independent death scholar. He was previously a Samaritan listener and is a trained bereavement counsellor.

We also welcome Fatima Khan-Shah, a public and patient engagement and involvement professional who specialises in health, social care and education. Fatima is also a Patient and Public Voice Partner with Health Education England and NHS England. Since March 2020, Fatima has experienced two bereavements.

Two academics with interest in this field are also on our panel. Dr Nicholas Long is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, and Dr Emily Harrop is a Research Associate at Cardiff University with a focus on end-of-life care and bereavement.


Dr Lucy Selman, c Artur Tixiliski

Dr Lucy Selman