Grief School: Infertility and Baby Loss

In this Grief School panel discussion, our experts are joined by those who’ve lost a baby during pregnancy and women and men who have experienced the grief of infertility or trying to conceive.

The discussion panel is chaired by Cat Strawbridge, one half of Cat and Alice. Cat herself has experienced the grief of infertility and is behind The Finally Pregnant Podcast. Cat and Alice have active and engaged social media communities and their aim is to make the journey a bit easier, brighter and better for anyone going through it.

Professor Gayle Letherby joins the panel, from the University of Plymouth’s School of Health Professions. Gayle’s work in this area has been on both infertility and involuntary childlessness and the differences as well as the overlaps between the two. She has also researched women’s experience of miscarriage. Gayle blogs and writes fiction about these topics and her personal experience of them.

We also welcome Rod Silvers, a campaigner who’s keen to break the taboo around speaking about male infertility. Listen to Rod’s interview on The Fertility Podcast here.

Our final panellist is Anya Sizer, from Fertility Network UK. This national charity is there to support people at all stages, from the women and men who experience infertility to those adapting to life without children.