Is This The Age of Grief?

People across the world appear to be surrounded by a pervasive sense of loss. Are we entering the Age of Grief?

Grief is a natural, essential and ubiquitous part of the human experience that manifests in different ways. Some grieve the loss of language or culture while others feel the collective grief of Covid-19. Many grieve for the huge injustices that occur around the world, while others grieve for the planet itself.

For these reasons, grief is increasingly in the spotlight. It’s emerging from behind doors to become something people are talking about for the first time in years… or in lifetimes. It is a fundamental and important part of the human experience.

Open conversations about grief are more important than ever as we move together, as a global society, through a time of unprecedented crisis.

We were honoured to welcome Julia Samuel MBE to this event, along with Andy Langford, Chief Operating Officer of Cruse Bereavement Care, the festival’s key charity partner. Dr Patrick Vernon and Alex Evans also join the conversation.


Julia Samuel MBE

Andy Langford, Good Grief Facilitator

Andy Langford

Alex Evans, Good Grief Speaker

Alex Evans

Patrick Vernon, Good Grief speaker

Patrick Vernon