Jess + Carrie: Dementia + Anticipatory Grief

Jess and Carrie reflect on caring for those with dementia and the anticipatory grief that comes with that.

Jess is a 26-year-old primary school teacher living in London. Here mum lived with dementia and passed away at the age of 70 in September 2019.

Carrie Aalberts, AKA Dementia Darling has a Master of Science in Human Development andFamily Studies with a focus in Gerontology (study of aging) and is a Certified DementiaPractitioner. She has 10 years experience as a professional caregiver and now serves caregivers and their loved ones by providing education, support, and resources. DementiaDarling is on a mission to provide dementia caregivers a community that they can feel seen and never alone! Carrie wants to be a supportive friend for those who are going through this difficult journey, whether you yourself have dementia or love someone with dementia.


Jessica Faiers

Carrie Aalberts

Amber Jeffrey

Amber Jeffrey