Making Friends with your Afterlife (Sunday)

This 90-minute long webinar is led by Henrietta Lang, a therapist with broad experience on the topics of death and dying. It begins with a short guided journey followed by shared reflections and thoughts.

Participants are given license to imagine life after death in a safe and creative way, hopefully connecting them to a deeper sense of what this means to them. As no-one can ‘know’ what this will be like, why not imagine and create a relationship with the afterlife, as our ancestors did?

Societal taboos mean that people don’t often talk about death. This lack of a shared and natural narrative around potential afterlives can contribute to feelings of fear and anxiety. Drawing on Jungian concepts of imagination as a tool for accessing inner guidance, the webinar audience are invited to find their own vision of the afterlife which might serve as a friendly anchor as they anticipate the end of life, whether for themselves or for others.


Facilitator Henrietta Lang, Good Grief (c) Jason Bell

Henrietta Lang

Maya Love, Good Grief Panellist

Maya Love