Reflections on the Fear of Death

If you have ever feared death, or dread the notion of even thinking about it, these are totally natural thoughts and you are absolutely not alone.

Join guests including palliative care doctors Rachel Clarke and Kathryn Mannix, grief expert Julia Samuel MBE and bereaved parents Jane and Fiona as they reflect on the fear of death and the taboo surrounding this fear in different cultures.

Julia Samuel, psychotherapist and bereavement expert, says that our own mortality is more omnipresent than ever before. Accepting the prospect of death can make us feel both more present in our own lives and more connected to those around us. Dr Rachel Clarke expresses how totally normal it is to fear death, revealing some of the unusual things that people worry about when their own death is imminent.

Rizwan Ahmed is the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Bristol. He says that Islam encourages you to think about and prepare for death and the transition from one state to the next, and that talking about death is not taboo in Islam as it can be in other cultures.

Bereaved parents Jane Harris and Fiona Corless describe how other people’s fear of death and grief affected them as grieving mothers. Jane talks about the film she made with her partner Jimmy, in which they road-tripped the Americas to discover how other cultures fear or face death.


Facilitator Rizwan Ahmed (c) Bristol247

Rizwan Ahmed

Facilitator Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Julia Samuel MBE

Facilitator, Dr Rachel Clarke

Dr Rachel Clarke

Facilitator Dr Kathryn Mannix, Good Grief Bristol

Dr Kathryn Mannix