The Dead Parent Club with Cariad Lloyd

“Any young man or woman who has a parent who dies, that injury is always there. It’s not about fixing it because you can’t fix it. It’s about finding a way of accommodating it, finding a way of living that is meaningful and daring to love and trust again.”
– Julia Samuel, MBE.

Cariad Lloyd is the genius and voice behind Griefcast, the podcast in which funny people talk about death.

Cariad hosts this online panel event featuring special guests united by one thing: the loss of a parent.

In the Dead Parent Club session, Cariad and guests delves deep into what it means to lose a parent, how such grief is processed at different stages of life and how it’s possible to find meaning or even turn the loss into something positive that drives you forward.


Facilitator Cariad LLoyd, Good Grief

Cariad Lloyd

Nikesh Shukla (c) Jon Aitken 2021

Nikesh Shukla

Facilitator Olivia Potts, Good Grief Bristol

Olivia Potts