The Grief Gang: Young + Bereaved

Amber Jeffrey is host of The Grief Gang podcast. We’re thrilled that she’s joining Good Grief with a hand-picked selection of guests who’ve gained a following for talking about grief, death and loss on their digital platforms.

In recent years, an impressive community of ‘Griefsters’ has formed on Instagram and on the podcast scene. The people behind these insightful accounts – and their followers and contributors – are revolutionising the way we share our experiences of grief and loss.

Grief is no longer banished to the shadows: it’s OK to cry and it’s most certainly OK to not be OK. This new generation of Griefsters are up-front and unabashed about the painful and sometimes ridiculous realities of grief, ¬†smashing the ‘stiff upper lip’ paradigm of yesteryear.

One of Amber’s guests will be Jack Baxter whose dad, Dave, died at 48. Jack’s world fell apart, then he found the New Normal Charity, a place where he could share his experiences with people who understood.

We’ll also welcome Shuma Rouf, founder of @spokengrief on Instagram and host of the Spoken Grief podcast.

Amber’s final guest is Nafeesa Arshad, who recently lost her sister to Stage 4 lung cancer. As a creative outlet, Nafeesa founded Goodness Gracious Grief.

Join our guests as they discuss their experiences of being young and bereaved.