The Healing Power of Nature in Grief

Nature has an incredible ability to comfort and heal. It can help us connect to something bigger, and allow us to see the world, our lives, and ourselves in new ways. In this session, we consider how immersing oneself in the natural world can offer peace and enable us to confront, and move through, our grief.

This discussion features authors Long Litt Woon, Sarah Jane Douglas and Christopher Somerville.

Long Litt Woon is author of The Way Through the Woods (2019). It is the story of how Litt Woon, as a widow mourning the sudden loss of her husband, discovered an unusual form of healing in mushroom hunting – something the couple had always planned to do.

Sarah Jane Douglas wrote her uplifting memoir, Just Another Mountain (2020), following the loss of her mother to cancer, to whom she made a promise never to give up. It details the personal and physical challenges she faced after turning to climbing the forbidding Scottish munros as a coping mechanism for her grief.

British author Christopher Somerville has spent more than twenty five years traversing the highways and byways of the world’s walking routes, weaving stories from the routes beneath his feet. Amongst his publications are the phenomenally successful Coast series and Britain and Ireland’s Best Wild Places, he also edits The Times Britain’s Best Walks.


Facilitator Sarah Jane Douglas, Good Grief

Sarah Jane Douglas

Facilitator Long Litt Woon, Good Grief

Long Litt Woon

Christopher Somerville, Good Grief Speaker

Christopher Somerville

Dr Lesel Dawson