When You Walk Through the Storm: How Songs Can Heal with Gideon Coe, Suzi Quatro and guests

Music is often something we turn to during times of grief and loss. It can evoke fierce emotions, trigger memories and transport you back to days gone by. In this session, BBC 6Music’s Gideon Coe invited renowned guests to share the songs they turn to for comfort and healing in times of loss: from the songs that inspire hope and happy flashbacks to the epic, musical roller coasters that bring out the soul-searching, the tears and the howling grief.

Whatever your playlist and whoever inspired it, join Gideon and friends including Suzi Quatro and ‘Cockney Rebel’ Steve Harley as they celebrate the incredible power of music and memory to heal.

Gideon is joined by Dr Victoria Williamson. Victoria is an independent authority, scholar and consultant on the psychology of music; how music is processed by the brain; and the ways in which music impacts on our minds and behaviours. 

We also welcome writer Catherine Mayer a best-selling author, journalist and activist. Her most recent book, the memoir Good Grief: Embracing Life at a Time of Death, was written after she lost her husband, musician Andy Gill, on the eve of the pandemic in 2020.

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Gideon Coe

Gideon Coe

Suzi Quatro

Steve Harley

Steve Harley

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Dr Victoria Williamson

Catherine Mayer