Here are answers to some popular questions. You might also find our Resources page helpful, which provides the website addresses for many grief and bereavement organisations.

Where can I go for further support?

We understand that watching our events may be an emotional experience for you. Our amazing partner organisations offer support and you’ll find a list of those resources here. We encourage you to reach out to them – and to those around you – if you need a little support.

How can I contact the Good Grief team?

Our Contact page is here. Do get in touch with us via email, via our fun community Blackboard, or through our Social Media channels (links top of page).  

When can I register for upcoming events?

You can pre-register now to receive full programme information on March 2nd.

I can’t make the events when they’re live, can I still view them?

Yes! All our live events will be recorded, close captioned and uploaded at a later date. You can access these recorded events by subscribing to the Grief Channel, to find out more click here. This subscription will give you access to all of our recorded content for one year.

What is the Grief Channel?

The Grief Channel is where you can access all of our content. This includes 60 hours of talks, workshops and webinars from Good Grief Festival. A subscription costs £20 and provides you with access to all of our content for one year.

I’m having trouble accessing my On-Demand Subscription/Content.

Please check your spam/promotions/junk folder for emails from ‘Good Grief Festival’. We recommend white labelling emails from hello@goodgrieffest.com or you may miss important information about new events and content over the coming months. You’ll find info on how to white label emails here

Using an institutional email address (such @nhs.co.uk) to sign up to the Grief Channel may get automatically blocked by your institution. Therefore, we recommend you use your personal email address when signing up.

Once you have logged into The Grief Channel you need to click ‘Watch Now’ on the navigation menu to watch videos. 

What time zone are the live events in?

London, GMT.

Can I contact a speaker directly after the festival?

Most of our speakers and facilitators work in the public realm. We have included links to people’s websites, organisations and social media channels as appropriate. If you wish to contact anyone you’ve discovered as part of Good Grief, please do so using their own channels. View Facilitators.

I want to be a part of Good Grief (Speaker, Supporter etc.)

Thank you for your interest. Given the nature of the event, we have been inundated with ideas and promotion requests. Although the programme is full for this year, we hope to collaborate with as many of you as possible in future. We would love to stay in contact and will certainly keep you in the loop for future Good Grief events. Please share more details about your work with us via email here.

Who is behind Good Grief?

Good Grief (part-funded by the Wellcome Trust) is the concept of Dr Lucy Selman, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol’s School of Population health Sciences. Dr Lesel Dawson from UoB is another organiser. The event director and co-curator is Aisling Mustan with support from a team of Bristol-based creatives. We are a very small team so please bear that in mind when contacting us.