Grief Chat: Growing up with Grief

In these informal Grief Chats, we bring together two people who have experienced the same kind of grief. In this Chat, we talk to two women who both lost their fathers in sudden and traumatic incidents when they were very young children with even younger siblings.

Aisling is the programme curator and event manager for Good Grief. When she was three years old, her father died in a car crash in Australia.

Zoe is a Young Ambassador for the children’s bereavement charity, Winston’s Wish. Zoe’s father was killed in a mid-air collision in 2010, when she was three. She’s on a mission to make talking about grief normal.

Aisling and Zoe discuss the lifelong impact of losing a parent suddenly and the unique nature of growing up with your grief.

Aisling is also taking part in the Good Grief event about pilgrimage, and Zoe is taking part in our Grief School session on childhood bereavement.


Aisling Mustan, Good Grief Curator and Speaker

Aisling Mustan

Zoe Bassett

Zoe Bassett