Grief School: The Death of a Child

In this Grief School panel discussion we talk to experts, including those who’ve lost a child themselves, to discuss the nature of their grief and bereavement.

The panel discussion is led by Roseleen Cowie, an accredited counsellor and the Bereavement Lead for Buckinghamshire with Child Bereavement UK. Roseleen’s career has involved support and training for parenting and family life, and she’s experienced in working with both young people and adults. Roseleen has also worked in a pastoral role in a large secondary school where bereavement was a large part of the role.

Roseleen is joined by Professor Jeannette Littlemore from the University of Birmingham and Dr Sarah Turner of Coventry University. Both are involved in a research project into ways to improve communication with parents or carers who have lost a child. Such communication requires extraordinary levels of sensitivity, and the study aims to help healthcare and other professionals provide more compassionate care.

Jane Harris from The Good Grief Project also joins us. Jane and her partner Jimmy Edmonds’s son, Josh, died while back-packing in Vietnam in 2011. They went on to make a feature-length documentary film after undertaking their own overland adventure to meet similarly bereaved parents. Their film, A Love That Never Dies, is now available to watch online.

We also welcome Fiona Corless, whose only child, her daughter Ripley, died of cancer at two years old. Fiona is an Occupational Therapist and mental health professional who’s drawn on her career experience to help her deal with her grief. Fiona now runs the charity, Ripples of Compassion, in her daughter’s name.

Good Grief online events are free to attend. All Grief School events will be available to view from 09:00 on Friday, October 30th until 19:00 on Sunday, November 1st. You’ll receive a reminder email to tune in 24hrs beforehand.

Image (c) Jimmy Edmonds, The Good Grief Project