Sasha Bates: Languages of Loss

Sasha Bates is a psychotherapist whose husband, the actor and playwright Bill Cashmore, died unexpectedly at the age of 56.

Following his death, Sasha turned to writing. Her first book, Languages of Loss- A Psychotherapist’s Journey Through Grief (out in paperback in April 2021), is a searingly honest account of losing a loved one. Its moving dual narrative shows how grief works, how it feels and how it can be managed.

Waterstones says it ‘breaks down taboos and tries to find humour and light amidst the depressing, bewildering reality. It is an essential companion to help support readers through the agony of those early months, giving permission for all the feelings, and offering various methods of living with them. This book’s overriding message is that everyone’s experience of grief is different, but knowing more about the theory, and learning a new vocabulary, while not necessarily easing the grief, can help you feel less alone, and at some point enable you to reflect back and see how far you have come.’

In this event, Sasha spoke to Dr Lesel Dawson, a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Bristol who specialises in grief, Renaissance literature and the history of the emotions.

Praise for Languages of Loss:

‘This is not a book about getting over the death of a loved one. Bates knows that is too big a thing to ask for. Rather she is trying to get through it, to rearrange herself around it, to cope with its many layers and levels.’
– The Times

‘In this touching book…loss and grief are discussed with unwavering honesty… Bates infuses the book with hope and will leave you glad to have shared her journey.’
– The Evening Standard 

Image (c) Dolly Clew


Dr Lesel Dawson

Sasha Bates (c) Dolly Clew

Sasha Bates