Facilitator Dr Kathryn Mannix, Good Grief Bristol

Dr Kathryn Mannix

Dr Kathryn Mannix retired from her medical career as a palliative care consultant to campaign for better public understanding of dying.

During her thirty years in palliative care she worked in hospitals, hospices and patients’ own home, and she also founded a cognitive behaviour psychotherapy (CBT) service for palliative care patients, using her experience to train staff all over the UK.

Recently, she returned to the NHS during the Covid pandemic to offer staff support and communications skills training for those tender conversations required to help separated families maintain touch with sick and dying loved ones.

Kathryn is the author of With the End in Mind (2017) , a beautifully crafted volume informed by four decades in clinical practice. Through the stories of around 30 people preparing for their own deaths, it explores the big questions about death and dying with honesty, humility and empathy.


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