Are We Really in this Together? Tackling Inequalities in Health and Social Care

‘We’re all in this together’

That was the unifying message in spring 2020, but to what extent is that true one year on? Join host Sam Royston and guests Patrick Vernon, Carol Cooper and Vic Raynor as they debate this important topic. 

The pandemic has revealed stark inequalities across the UK with the impact of the virus disproportionately affecting people from lower income households. 

The ONS reports that Covid-19 mortality for people of Black African or Black Caribbean ethnicity in the first half of 2020 was two to two and a half times higher than for people of white ethnicity. 

And while many ‘white collar’ employees have been able to transition to home working, those unable to have had to carry on. Sadly, many more of these workers, predominantly in the manufacturing, caring, leisure and service industries, have died as a result. 

The pandemic has highlighted, and exacerbated, growing inequalities in our standards of living in the UK, including access to quality end-of-life care. 

Join us to hear why the UK needs an integrated care strategy and why the debate on health and social care for end-of-life and bereavement services needs to change.

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Patrick Vernon, Good Grief speaker

Patrick Vernon

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Carol Cooper

Vic Rayner

Vic Rayner

Sam Royston

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