Finding Your Grief Tribe: The Importance of Community + Connection

Community and connection are two of the most important factors in healthy grieving. As Julia Samuel says, ‘The single biggest predictor of outcomes for anyone who is suffering is love and connection to others’. In this session, our expert panel talks about the importance of finding (and growing) community support, what the pandemic has taught us about connection and relationship, and how we can overcome our fears and connect with others, on- and offline.

Our guests are Amber Jeffrey, Julian Abel and Amahra Spence.

Amber created The Grief Gang Instagram page and podcast three years after her mum’s untimely death from a heart attack in 2016, when Amber was just 19.

Julian is a retired palliative care physician and the director of Compassionate Communities UK. He’s also a podcaster and author of The Compassion Project (2020).

Amahra Spence is an artist, creative producer and public speaker who views her work through the lenses of equity, service and community.

We consider the role of ordinary, untrained people in providing bereavement support, we look at how communities can support those without their own strong social networks, and we discuss why it is that so many people feel uncomfortable around bereaved people – and what we can do about it.

This panel event ise hosted by Dr Lucy Selman, founder of Good Grief Fest and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol.


Dr Lucy Selman, c Artur Tixiliski

Dr Lucy Selman

Amber Jeffrey

Amber Jeffrey

Amahra Spence bio pic

Amahra Spence

Dr Julian Abel

Dr Julian Abel